Frequently asked questions                       (206) 439-8500 
  1. Do you refill all cartridge types?  We refill all major cartridge brands, including Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark, NEC, Okidata, Panasonic, Primera, Sharp and Xerox. 
  2. How much will I save?  Rates vary slightly, but savings can be as high as 60%, and average about 50% off of purchasing new from an average retail outlet.  Click here to check out some of our prices.  Call if you don't find yours or for our laserjet toner prices. 
  3. How many times can my cartridge be refilled?  If properly handled (we can show you how), most cartridges can be successfully refilled several times.
  4. Is your work guaranteed?  Yes!  We offer a 100% guarantee on both our refill service and our remanufactured toners.  If you experience any problem with our services, we will replace or refill at no charge, or return your money.
  5. Do you supply toners for laserjet printers?  Yes!  We source most major brands of toners at  20% or more off big box stores.  We direct ship to your location at no additional charge.
  6. Do refills print the same number of pages and have the same quality as new cartridges?  Yes, we refill your cartridge to its maximum capacity.  Some cartridges that come with new printers have average or low yield cartridges included.  The Ink Stop fills your cartridge to capacity, often converting it from standard yield to high yield.  We stock over 150 high quality inks formulated for specific cartridges.  Our technicians have extensive training using specially designed tools to refill your cartridge, then they go to our amazing wall of printers to test your cartridge to assure it will print perfectly for you when you insert it in your printer.
  7. Are there any special handling guidelines for bringing in my empty cartridge?  Yes.  When your cartridge is empty, try to bring it in within about a week for refilling.  Place it in a sealed plastic baggie with a small moist piece of paper towel, with the print head facing up, for best refill results.
  8. How long does it take to refill?  It generally takes about 10 minutes to refill a cartridge.  We can refill while you wait, or you can drop off and come back when convenient.  In many cases, we will have a cartridge available immediately.  Just bring in your cartridge, if it is a good candidate for refill, we will swap yours out with a prefilled  and tested cartridge. 
  9. Will using a refilled cartridge or re-manufactured toner void the printer's warranty?  No.  Federal law (The Moss-Magnuson Act) prohibits your printer's manufacturer from voiding the warranty because you use a refilled or re-manufactured cartridge.  The printer manufacturer advises against refilling because they make their money on the sale of printer cartridges, not on the printer.
  10. What are your hours?  Mon-Sat 10AM to 7PM -- Closed Sundays 
  11. Where are you located?  Just 1 block south of the Southcenter Westfield Mall at 600 Andover Park East inside RE-PC Recycled Computers & Peripherals.
  12. Are you the same Ink Stop in the news for going out of business?  No!  We have no relationship to the company of the same name, based in Ohio.  We have never had an association with their services or products.  We are alive and well in Tukwila, Wa.

The Ink Stop
(206) 439-8500
  600 Andover Park East  (Inside RE-PC)
Tukwila, Washington  98188